Flora Electra
Flora Electra
Flora Electra
Flora Electra
Flora Electra
Flora Electra

Flora Electra

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Flora Electra is a small table light. Shaped like a small flower, she brightens up the room and enlivens the space with her presence.

Flora Electra can illuminate for example a small desk, a side table or a dark corner. This LED light also works very well as a reading light next to a bed.

You can adjust the shape by bending the wire of the stem. The long-life LED bulb is included and can be replaced when needed.

Flora Electra is ready for the world, you can connect the correct plug for your country to the Universal Plug Adaptor and use it with either 110 Volt or 220 Volt.

Flora Electra is made of stainless steel and assembled in our studio in London.


Materials and Dimensions

Stainless steel base, stem, and petals.

Universal plug adaptor, electrical components, metal switch, and soft rubber pads under base.

LED Lightbulb included: 2.5 Watt, 184 Lumen, 15,000 hours, 4000K (neutral white light), 12 Volt.

Cable length: 150 cm / 5ft


H 44 cm x W 24 cm x D 11 cm

H 17.5” x W 9.5” x D 4.5”

Diameter base 11 cm / 4.5”

Weight 0.6 Kg

Cardboard box

L 39 × W 23 × H 14 cm

L15.5” x W 9” x H 5.5”

Weight 1.2 Kg
Instructions included

Wipe with a damp cloth. For indoor use only.

Which light bulb should I use?

The included LED light bulb has a very long life (15,000 hours) but if it needs replacing, use a MR11 LED bulb with a GU4 fitting 12 Volt and 2.5 Watts.

For indoor use only